Episode 3 “Probe” – Beta Shred #6

“Circling True North” (332 words) Another toothy smile, with a wink, and the doctor gains a little more of my distrust. Flamboyant, to say the least, but somewhat unprofessional, too. I stare blankly, trying to figure out what it is about her I do not like. She sucks in her cheeks and purses her lipsContinue reading “Episode 3 “Probe” – Beta Shred #6″

Episode 2 “Awake” – Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North)

Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North) Raise my eyes to meet the boorish inquisitor, surprised to see a handsome face under siege of conflicting emotions. Stoic eyes, pressed brows, and grim slash mouth are pushed back and buried beneath long, slender hands as he flops down, into the visitor’s chair. Struggle to rise onto myContinue reading “Episode 2 “Awake” – Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North)”