Episode 2 “Awake” (beta shred #3)

Circling True North White, pinprick light rushes at me, expanding to full illumination, just beyond the shield of my eyelids. I keep them sealed shut. Every nerve in my aching body stands alert to a sensation of imminent danger. I stay immobile, listening to rhythmic beeps behind my head. I long to stretch. Instead, myContinue reading “Episode 2 “Awake” (beta shred #3)”

Mike Versus the Devil

Happy Halloween Everyone! To celebrate the fun of halloween I am sharing a short story verse, “Mike Versus the Devil” – third poem from my book Karma Wept. I hope you enjoy it! 😈 Mike Versus the Devil Mike was one helluva guy, of that much he always knew. He never had a moment whenContinue reading “Mike Versus the Devil”