Hush, Just Breathe

Hush, Just Breathe Hold me close,Hush, just breathe,Deaf to the world,Listen to me.Brown, blue, green, colored eyes I see,Blink once, wink and look at me.Slice the palm,warm and red,Hold my handuntil we’re dead.Skip stones across the mirrored sky, Six quick kissesbut close your eyes.Count on petalsthe daisies grow,Search the clover for leaves of four.Chase inContinue reading “Hush, Just Breathe”

Bringing Back Classic Poetry – Is it possible?

Poetry is a hard sell in any given era. It is niche market and not on the upper end of reader preference. But the statistical data does not matter much for true poets. Most writers of poetry will continue creating regardless of popularity. Poetry is encoded into their heart and soul, an undeniable part ofContinue reading “Bringing Back Classic Poetry – Is it possible?”