Buttercup Crowns

Sweet, yellow flowers dappled a hillside,Peeking through mist of a waterfall,A dreamy place where love could hide.Under shower of waters, you kissed me,We floated among lilies on crystal pond,Protected in seclusion, by guard of quiet trees.We weaved garlands of the lemon colored flowers,Wore them upon heads like native crowns,Wild buttercup royalty, always, and for hours.YearsContinue reading “Buttercup Crowns”

Blue Dreamer (A poem)

Hello Friends, Aren’t dreams amazing? I am the type who dreams every night and I look forward to what type of adventures I may experience each night of sleep. Sometimes dreams can feel very realistic, in a good or bad way. We are either relieved when we awaken from them, or disappointed when taken outContinue reading “Blue Dreamer (A poem)”