Crown of Roses

Trials of life are unavoidable, meaningful, and empowering. Without challenges and even suffering, we cannot learn and evolve throughout the cycle of our mortal lives. We do not grow as individuals through pleasantries, but by way of the battles we overcome. Crown of Roses Your sorrows left your soul battered, Drowned by screams of saltyContinue reading “Crown of Roses”

Buttercup Crowns

Sweet, yellow flowers dappled a hillside,Peeking through mist of a waterfall,A dreamy place where love could hide.Under shower of waters, you kissed me,We floated among lilies on crystal pond,Protected in seclusion, by guard of quiet trees.We weaved garlands of the lemon colored flowers,Wore them upon heads like native crowns,Wild buttercup royalty, always, and for hours.YearsContinue reading “Buttercup Crowns”