Why not?

A wonderful, inspiring, and meaningful poem by Grace of the Sun (graceofthesun.com). In the pure hearts of humanity we all long for this… Visit her site for more beautiful poetry! What’s wrong with having fantasies? Must we all see, to then believe? Why must this be reality? I rather build what I perceive! Why can’tContinue reading “Why not?”

Hush, Just Breathe

Hush, Just Breathe Hold me close,Hush, just breathe,Deaf to the world,Listen to me.Brown, blue, green, colored eyes I see,Blink once, wink and look at me.Slice the palm,warm and red,Hold my handuntil we’re dead.Skip stones across the mirrored sky, Six quick kissesbut close your eyes.Count on petalsthe daisies grow,Search the clover for leaves of four.Chase inContinue reading “Hush, Just Breathe”