Angel (a ballad)

Someone once gave me a flower, Deception hidden behind his back, Poor judgement was my blunder For the posy soon turned black. His kisses, warm, sweet poison His touch burned me into thrills, But when the devil gazed at me, His eyes gave me dreaded chills. He told me his name was Satan Of this,Continue reading “Angel (a ballad)”

Storm (a poem)

In the velvet black of darkness, Silence presses close to hear,A heart breaking a tempo’s beat, Derelict treasure to endear,Spirit ragged, raking over eaves, Last spark of vim long spent,Storm blown away, billows ease, Free falling back, into the void,Chorousing sighs, song of relief, Moans in breach, freed in the alone,Cradle rocks the rolling, salty seas,Continue reading “Storm (a poem)”