Seasons of Love (a poem)

In spring, love stretched out its fledgling wings, and raised its face to the hope of new things. Summer took love into flight, to bask in the glorious warmth and thrill of the sun’s delight. Autum’s cool breath lifted love’s wings higher, soaring above brilliant gold, orange and red sights. Winter rolled out a blanket,Continue reading “Seasons of Love (a poem)”

Hope vs. Optimism (and a killer clowns theory)

Hello Friends, As 2020 draws toward an end, people around the world are looking forward to the dawning of a new year with new and positive possibilities. We entered 2020 with similar hope and optimism, and ended up taking a wild ride on a rough rollercoaster of a year. Who knew? Yet, though people ofContinue reading “Hope vs. Optimism (and a killer clowns theory)”