Holla! For Indie Authors

Independent authors, or indie authors are an incredible sector of the publishing industry, now accounting for 30-34% of all e-book sales in the largest English-language markets. Unfortunately, indie authors do not always receive the same acknowledgement or respect as traditionally published authors. What is an independent author? An indie author is a writer who publishesContinue reading “Holla! For Indie Authors”

Book Review: LEVIATHAN (The Book of Death – Volume 1) by Nicholas Gagnier

Yes, another book review! Nicholas Gagnier is an author you won’t want to miss if you enjoy contemporary suspense mixed with the supernatural. Title: LEVIATHAN (The Book of Death – Volume 1) Author: Nicholas Gagnier Publisher: DeltaBet Press (June 25, 2019) Description: “I am not a monster.” Ramona Knox is a rookie agent at the FBIContinue reading “Book Review: LEVIATHAN (The Book of Death – Volume 1) by Nicholas Gagnier”