Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #7

Circling True North – A Dystopian Serial Novel As I near the central desk, glowing faces of two staff members come into view. Slouched in their chairs, heads appear disembodied, hovering like fluorescent blue balloons just above the counter, emphasized by the dark backdrop of the unlit nurse’s station behind them. Eyes fixed to theContinue reading “Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #7″

Episode 1 “The Regulator”

Dystopian Serial Novel (Beta Shred #1) The whippoorwill’s song is relentless, unseen from his perch on a dying tree branch, rusted light pole, or edge of peeling roof – trills like barbed wire scraping against my raw nerves. An omen. Good or bad, I do not know. The repetitive song a prediction of looming death,Continue reading “Episode 1 “The Regulator””