Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #8

Hello Friends I am posting the beta shred below a bit early, since I will be on the road tomorrow to take care of some out of state business. Have a beautiful rest of your week! I will leave you with this lovely: “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places when otherContinue reading “Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #8″

Episode 3 “Probe”

Beta Shred #5 (256 words) “Circling True North” My door bangs open, sans a courtesy warning tap, and I nearly topple from my precarious legs as Dr. Allyson Walker flies over the threshold. Caught like an archaic bride with a bouffant ‘do in a windstorm, and nowhere to run. I sag against the wall, handContinue reading “Episode 3 “Probe””