Episode 2 “Awake” – Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North)

Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North) Raise my eyes to meet the boorish inquisitor, surprised to see a handsome face under siege of conflicting emotions. Stoic eyes, pressed brows, and grim slash mouth are pushed back and buried beneath long, slender hands as he flops down, into the visitor’s chair. Struggle to rise onto myContinue reading “Episode 2 “Awake” – Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North)”

Episode 2 “Awake” (beta shred #3)

Circling True North White, pinprick light rushes at me, expanding to full illumination, just beyond the shield of my eyelids. I keep them sealed shut. Every nerve in my aching body stands alert to a sensation of imminent danger. I stay immobile, listening to rhythmic beeps behind my head. I long to stretch. Instead, myContinue reading “Episode 2 “Awake” (beta shred #3)”