Mike Versus the Devil

Happy Halloween Everyone! To celebrate the fun of halloween I am sharing a short story verse, “Mike Versus the Devil” – third poem from my book Karma Wept. I hope you enjoy it! 😈 Mike Versus the Devil Mike was one helluva guy, of that much he always knew. He never had a moment whenContinue reading “Mike Versus the Devil”

“Villainous Minds: Psychological Thrillers”by Joan Wiley

Book Review Reviewed by: Shrabastee Chakraborty Villainous Minds is an anthology of five extremely harrowing tales penned by Joan Wiley. If you believe that nothing horrific can faze you, spend a day with the characters in this book. How does a peaceful camping trip turn into a bloodbath? How will you banish a parasitic demonContinue reading ““Villainous Minds: Psychological Thrillers”by Joan Wiley”