Alone, I Wander (a dystopian poem)

Alone, I Wander Alone, I wander through a valley of shadows, where death towers over me under a watchful, ancient, silver eye, cycling from judgmental slit to audacious observer, on and on, the watcher rolls. Its name I have lost, forgotten or disavow with spiteful satisfaction, however meaningless, my legacy to time’s incessant passing, daysContinue reading “Alone, I Wander (a dystopian poem)”

RAINBOW’S END (A poetic tale)

Sally Boyde and me were out for fun, playing in the rain and waiting for the sun. We giggled in the instant the storm shut off like a tap and wandered into a yellow field to grab flowers for our hair. It was in that moment we saw an arc overhead. Brightly colored ribbons, gleamingContinue reading “RAINBOW’S END (A poetic tale)”