Writing: Character “It” Factor (Part 1)

Appearance vs. Persona (OR) “How to Write Interesting Blue Aliens” Hello Friends, As an author of poetry books, with my sci-fi/fantasy novels currently in draft, you may wonder why I would presume to give anyone writing advice if I have yet to publish a novel of my own. Here’s why: Writing is a process ofContinue reading “Writing: Character “It” Factor (Part 1)”

Legend of Wanda Lee (a poem)

Wanda Lee was a desert mystery, Riding wild waves of the dusty plains,Upon the back of a blind, one-eyed mare, The horse she loved, called Majesty.On the evenings she rode into town, All the men would run and hide,Not from the glinting blades in her eyes, Her swaggering gait, nor the strange way   timeContinue reading “Legend of Wanda Lee (a poem)”