Bonnie Fair (a poem by Joan Wiley)

Celtic woman fair, waulking, gaelic song, Glenorchy green, Highland air whipping, copper hair, Streaming, lemon yellow ribbons, Eyes smiling, lyrical, ethereal blue, Arms raisied high, she twirls away, Dancing to tunes, invisible flutes, With proud, purple thistles in sway, To a longing and rhythmic beating, Wings of a golden eagle sweeping, She runs beneath him,Continue reading “Bonnie Fair (a poem by Joan Wiley)”

Devil’s Dance

Hello friends, I was thinking recently about all those internal battles we fight. A subject that comes to my mind often, perhaps because I have a fair share of my own to deal with, as most of us do. Some of this turmoil we are willing to share with someone close to us, and someContinue reading “Devil’s Dance”