Wiley Writing: Interpretation of Character (Reality vs. Fiction)

Writers of fiction, and sometimes certain types of poetry, use a strong magnifying lens when creating characters for their stories. We hear of the importance of writing believable characters and the need to zero in on specific traits of each character to make them relate as fully formed people. They must have voices, behaviors and... Continue Reading →

Holla! For Indie Authors

Independent authors, or indie authors are an incredible sector of the publishing industry, now accounting for 30-34% of all e-book sales in the largest English-language markets. Unfortunately, indie authors do not always receive the same acknowledgement or respect as traditionally published authors. What is an independent author? An indie author is a writer who publishes... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “The Anatomy of Prose” 12 Steps to Sensational Sentences – Author Sacha Black

Hello Everyone, I had the honor of being selected to author Sacha Black's street team and granted an advanced reader copy of "The Anatomy of Prose". First, I want to say it takes a brave and knowledgeable writer to take on such a huge and wiggly topic as how to improve something that is very... Continue Reading →

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