Indie Authors and Book Review Hostage Situations

Hello Friends, I recently encountered a problem when enthusiastically announcing I was reading another independent author’s book. I'll bet you can guess what happened. I hated the book. The Conundrum of Reviewing Other Indie Authors Writers, let’s face it, when we read a book, we are perceiving writing style, storytelling and overall composition of story... Continue Reading →

Five O’Clock Sun (a poem)

Five O'Clock Sun Video Five O'Clock Sun I am startled By voices raised,Angels, reaching Spires of my regret,Cries like doves, Flutter in shadows met,Sunlight shyly peeks, Through dustyWindow streaks Of my memories,Not as clear now As they were. Words we said, Drifting away,Your image, too Blurred to hate,I resist an itch To miss you inEmpty... Continue Reading →

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